DIET LUNCH IDEAS 2 – Meal with Rice, Salmon Fish Fry, Pappad and Murungai Keerai Rasam

This lunch menu is quite simple. It is a pakka post-pregnancy menu. I hail from Nagercoil and we give a lot of importance to fish, after delivery. People have mixed comment in the usage of fish, after delivery. Once week after delivery whether it is normal or c-section, we include fish in our diet. The diet will be rich in protein and iron. I believe what I heard from my grandma and mom. The food we eat is the thing we feed our child. Because of this we need to eat how much healthy diet as possible to make the baby healthy. When few of my friends advised not to take food after delivery, I got clarified with my family physician. As per her advice I started taking the fish varieties she advised me. I included chala meen or mathi or sardines, small sized king fish or vanjaram, salmon fish or thiruvala and pillai sura or baby shark. It is not good to take large fishes as they have more mercury in them. So better take small varieties or babies.

In this meal, I have included salmon fish poriyal for protein. We have murungai keerai rasam with garlic for iron. Thi is really nutritious. You can definitely try this combination for a day in your post-pregnancy diet. It will be really tasty. If you find this type of fish more common in your area, try this with salmon fish. Include very little coconut as possible.

It has the following items
1) a cup of white rice
2) 3/4 cup of salmon fish
3) one roasted pappad or fried pappad
4) one cup of murungaikeerai rasam


Salmon Fish Poriyal or Thiruvala Meen Thoran

Murungaikeerai Rasam or Drumstick Leaves Rasam

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