Microwave Cooking Tips | How to cook food using Microwave Oven

Though I never recommend anybody to use microwave oven for cooking, we are supposed to use them occasionally. Particularly when we travel to some other place, it would become tough to find a proper regional food. At that time, we have microwave ovens in most of the hotels. We could use some ready mix powders and prepare food by ourselves. I agree microwave cooking is not that much healthy. But it is OK to use them, occasionally. Instead of ready to eat packages, you can make some simple dishes with the help of this oven. I will list some tips to use microwave oven for cooking Indian food. Before going through it READ MY POST ABOUT THE QUESTIONS ON DISADVANTAGES OF MICROWAVE COOKING

My Microwave Oven

The one we see below is my microwave oven. I use it for reheating food. I also use it for making simple soups. Also for thawing and making quick sweets, I use this microwave oven. It is 1000W Hamilton Beach. It makes things quick. But I don't use it often.

Vessels and Containers

I think that it is better to use ceramic or glass cups or bowls to cook using microwave. They should heavy and hard to break. Using plastic even though they are microwave safe is not that much good. Hence, I use only ceramic and glass bowls.


Yes, you must use a cloves to keep yourself safe. It might be from the waves of heat of the vessel.

Time of Cooking
  1. Time of cooking varies based on the type of vessel you use, quantity you cook and the powder of the oven. 
  2. If the quantity is less, lessen the time. 
  3. If the vessel is thick and hard, increase the time of cooking. 
  4. If the vessel is broader, cooking will be easier.
  5. You must take breaks withing cooking and mix the things for avoiding it getting burnt at the center.

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