DIET LUNCH IDEAS 3 - With Rice, Millet Curd Rice, Rasam, Kootu, Karamani Vadai and Low Fat Thokku

diet lunch menu idea

This lunch menu is very very elaborate. You might think that it will take more time. But it doesn't actually. When can you have such an elaborate meal ? It is definitely for a cheat day's lunch. This lunch menu is also Diabetic friendly. I love posting this kind of lunch menu. Only hard thing for me is taking snaps. Other than that these mind of menus won;t take much time. I have include all possible elements of health. Karuveppilai rasam is rich in iron. Lobia vadai is rich in protein, cauliflower is also good in vitamins. For diabetic friends, I have added a millet curd rice. A low fat thokku or pickle is given as a side dish. I feel it is a complete package of health. Other than vadai, everything is made with very very less oil. The combination of rice with rasam and kootu will always become a hit. Sameway curd rice with vadai and thokku makes the right choice. I hope you guyz love this menu.

diet lunch menu idea

DIET LUNCH IDEAS 3 - With Rice, Millet Curd Rice, Rasam, Kootu, Karamani Vadai and Low Fat Thokku



  • We have proso millet for good fats and protein. It has calcium and iron too.
  • We have cauliflower for fibers
  • We have raita for iron and minerals
  • We have karamani vadai for vitamin B, protein and good fats


Previous Day
  • Cut cauliflower and onion. Store them in refrigerator.
  • Soak Karamani for making vadai.
  • You can grate the mango and prepare low fat mango thokku in previous day itself.
Next Day (1 and half hours)
  • First 10 minutes - Soak rice, proso millet and toor dal. Soak tamarind also.
  • Next 10 minutes - Pressure cook proso millet and parallelly extract tamarind juice.
  • Next 10 minutes - Pressure cook toor dal and parallelly prepare karuveppilai rasam.
  • Next 10 minutes - Pressure cook rice or cook using straining method. Parallelly grind for lobia vadai and make a perfect vadai maavu .
  • Next 30 minutes - Start sauteing for cauliflower kootu. When you cover and let it cook, heat some oil for making vadai. You can parallelly finish making vadai and kootu. You can take a few minutes rest after this.
  • Next 10 minutes - Prepare a tempering for kootu. Prepare a tempering for making curd rice. Both can happen parallelly

We are done. Easy, simple and healthy diet style lunch menu idea.
diet lunch menu idea

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