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soraikkai juice

Soraikkai can reduce cholesterol. It dissolves more fat. Taking more soraikkai as vegetables supplies more fiber. It keeps the stomach filling. The fiber dissolves fat around waistline. The minerals in it helps you more in weight loss. This juice we are going to see will be more and more tasty. It is good in it colour, flavor and taste. We are going to add pomegranate also. So it becomes more in iron. You should have this juice in empty stomach, as a breakfast. It is like a substitute to breakfast. You need to have your lunch so early that day. You can have it continuously for 10 days or 5 days. It also improves your digestion. It nourishes you with more minerals and iron.

bottle gourd juice

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Soraikkai Juice | Botte Gourd Juice | Weight Loss Booster

Prep Time :
Cooking Time:
1 glass of 1 ounces
Serving Size: 1 glass of 1 ounces Calories per Serving: 100

  • 8 to 10 cubes of bottle gourd or soraikkai
  • half cup of pomegranate pearls
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • sugar - little (half spoon enough)

Quick Procedure
  • Take soraikkai or bottle gourd in a blender. Add pomegranate to it. Add lemon juice also.
  • Grind it and puree it. Add a cup of water. Strain it. 
  • Collect the residue and put it in the blender again. Add very little water and puree it again. Strain it.
  • Collect the juice and strain it again. It will be more tasty.
  • Now taste it and see how sweet it is. If the sweetness is OK for you, no need to add sugar. Else, add very little sugar. Chill it and serve. 

Step-wise Pictures

Take a clean blender. Put some soraikkai or bottle gourd. Add pomegranate pearls.

Add lemon juice also. Puree it.

Add a cup of water and mix well. Strain it with a juice strainer.

Collect the residue and put it in the blender. Add very little water and puree it. Again strain it.

Collect the juice and you should strain it once again. This makes the juice more easy to drink. Add sugar, if you wish. It is completely optional.

Tasty and Healthy soraikkai juice that will help the most for weight loss. You can have this tasty weight loss booster.
soraikkai juice

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