December 27, 2016

Health Secrets of FOOD around the WORLD - SERIES

I think this one will be a lengthy series. I love food. Being a foodie, writing about food will be the more interesting thing. A food is a mirror of a community or locality's history, cultivation, culture, landscape and climate. If we dig more into this topic, we could definitely learn a lot about basic geography around the world. Just because of my interest over different variety of foods, I am gonna start this series. Let us see how this goes.

Last week we had an excellent vacation. A trip to ORLANDO and MIAMI. It was something my husband planned for my kiddo. He thought she will enjoy the trip more than us. Of course, the same happened. She enjoyed much in Disney World. As per my husband's plan, the location of my interest is the countries they modelled in EPCOT. It was really a long walk. But we would stop at a different model at every mile. Like stepping into different country, whenever you get tired. I loved it much and more. What inspired me more was the food station they had. It was like a trip to food stations around the world. Because of time restriction and our tummy resisting various tastes at the same time, we were not able to taste everything. But overall, it was a nice experience.

I would say that this experience is behind this post or this series. Yep, I thought of learning about various cuisines around the world. But that is what I usually do getting into the libraries. I thought for a while. How this could be related to my blog ? I always consider my blog as a forum of healthy food. This made up my mind to write about the health secrets of food around the world. It will also get into some minor details with their culture, cultivation, staple food, method of cooking, oil they use, health concerns they have or take while cooking, etc.. Probably this health concern behind their food might be the reason behind their healthy or oblique physique. Let us see how far this series go.

As of now this is my plan. Starting my visit from some point in this map and proceeding, wherever my arrow goes. Most of the facts will be based on the facts I collect from internet and books I read. I would try to taste most of the flavors and recreate them in my way. Comment me, question me or just argue with me, through your comments.

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