Turning 30 - FOOD , thats what you should care more BABY !!!!

Hi Guys, Happy to meet you after a long break !! I'll try to blog more in the days nearby.. Let this one be a nice start.

So I am back with a perfect post that I would gift myself on my 30th birthday !! Yep, I am not 29 running completed and 30 running.. Though I never feel that I have grown this much older, my body feels much. Yeah,, there are typically a few things every lady should take care more about,,,, ON or AFTER 30.. The first and foremost thing is FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD..

C'mon gals.. Let us see about a few things we should keep an eye..

1. Use Measuring Cups and Spoons

It's now time to get rid of those eye and hand measures.. It's not gonna work out anymore.. If you fail to measure what you eat, might be sugar, might be carbs or might be helpless fats, definitely your body weight will shoot up. So I would better suggest to use MEASURING CUPS AND SPOONS

2. Reduce your current servings of WHITE RICE

Baby, your metabolism is never gonna be same as before.. No other go than putting down your sweet cravings and rice cravings. Better try to include only 7 to 10 servings of rice. That too,,, a single cup of cooked rice.

3. Hydrate yourself

No other GOOOOOOOOOOOO. You might be busy, might be travelling, might be working hard, might be careless.. If you fail to hydrate yourself, your skin will definitely show up turning dry and hence the age.. Drink 3 to 4 liters of water a day. And,,,,,, use a bottle.. Don't roughly measure..

4. Try to include more Gooseberries

Just for Iron and Antioxidants to stay young forever.. Avvaiyare sollirukkanga :)

5. Include more GOOD FATS

Olive oil, nuts, fish oil and avocados will form a  powerhouse with more good fats. This would help to improve metabolism, eyesight, control hair fall and maintain skin health. This is one key to stay young..

6. Include more LEAN PROTEIN

Proteins will help to build muscles. Inturn it shoots up metabolism. This would help you to control body weight.. Full of HEALTH.. No worries..

7. Include more GREENS

I mean spinach and fibers. It is rich in iron, folate and fiber. If you wish to maintain a thick and lustrous hair forever, you should definitely include all sorts of greens.

Let's meet with another post sharing some other thoughts on this same topic...... Turning 30 - HEALTH, a main topic of interest

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