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diet tips for working women

A working women should make herself more healthy.. Health should be given more priority than anything else.. But we do not do that actually.. Most of us skip the morning breakfast, have a simple hastily prepared lunch and a partially healthy munching in the evenings.. Dinners might be mostly in hotels or skipped or junk with all left overs at home.. This kind of eating habit may bring in deficiencies or obesity.. Late night works and sleep deprivation makes it worsen the case..

This post is an aftermath of my story.. In this Feb, I started working after two years of break.. I was maintaining a proper and healthy diet until I started working.. More responsibilities, taking care of both family and work, tight schedules made my health worse.. I ended up with overweight and low Hb in just two months..

As I felt very tired often, I went for doctor's appointment.. She gave me some supplements and few advices to follow.. As per the advice of my Dietitian, I changed the food diet to make it more healthy and balancing.. She gave a lot of easy weasy tips to tackle weight gain and stress eating.. I am just drafting those in this post..

I am sharing this healthy diet plan for working women. NOT a weight loss plan.. This is a hint for maintaining healthy balanced diet. Definitely, for someone who hardly do any exercises.. I have put it up in a very very generic way.. Please adjust the portion size according to your physical needs.. A proper guidance from Dietitian could help..

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Any one of the options from below list.. Simple to make and makes you fresh in the morning..
  • Lemon with Honey or Green Tea
  • 10 soaked Almonds or Badam
  • Tea or Coffee with skimmed milk and one tsp of sugar

Any one of the options from below list.. The things in the list takes very less time to make so that no rush in the morning.. Also easy to finish of within few minutes.. This would be light so that you can travel without junk feeling.. Include B12 or Calcium or Iron supplements, if your doctor have suggested you.
  • a bowl of breakfast cereal like corn flakes, oats or wheat flakes with skimmed milk
  • a small bowl of ragi or mixed millet porrige with skimmed milk and jaggery
  • 2-3 idlis with mild chutneys, not too spicy
  • smoothies made from the fresh fruits or things that are already frozen
  • 2 Egg Omelette with hot skimmed milk

Most of us go to cafeterias with friends and take a coffee or tea. Only a very few prefer juices or soups available there.. Please skip coffee or tea, even if it is free.. If no healthy option is available in your office cafe, you just take some cut fruits ..
  • 2 biscuits, little raisins with hot water
  • one cup of buttermilk
  • 1 cup of juice without sugar or take half sugar. milkshakes are not advisable.
  • one bowl of soup. don't add corn chips.
  • one small bowl of cut fruits like apple, papaya or guava.
  • a small bowl of pomegranate (at least twice a week)

I would suggest a homemade meal. If you don't have enough time to cook and take it, we are left with an option of picking meals from cafeterias. I have given my suggestions, assuming a few choices from your food court. If you are eating in groups with friends, share your meal and eat, no issues.. But skip chips or fried items.. If you are having your lunch alone, please try to leave the cafe as early as possible. Otherwise, you will end up in buying something junk.
  • a small tiffin box of your home cooked meal (veg or non). Add some vegetable salad (cucumber, carrot, tomateos, onion, lemon)
  • chapathis with mild spicy vegetable gravies. Add a boiled egg or vegetable salad.
  • simple veg or egg sandwich
  • 6 inch sub from Subway
  • any kind of diet style meal or millet meal available in the cafe.
  • any variety rice. Add a boiled egg or vegetable salad.

Again we join in gangs for evening tea. Most of the cafeterias are loaded with bajjis, chats and bondas. Meanwhile, some stalls have healthy options like sundal, urid dhal vada and salads.. It will be really good, if you prefer the healthy ones.. Any one option from the below lost can go well..
  • tea with half sugar and 2 biscuits
  • tea with half sugar and a small bowl of sundal
  • single dahi vada or sambar vada
  • dahi puri or bhel puri from the chat corner
  • occasionally boiled or grilled corn
  • a small bowl of pomegranate
  • sandwich, if you are more hungry
  • half sugar juices or fruit salad, if you prefer them

Most of us end up having our dinners at home. Some of us skip it. Some of us push in all the left overs. Some of us prefer hotels. Some of us have a habit of staying late in office, so again cafeterias. A dinner should be light and balanced one with lean protein. If it is from hotels or cafes, it should be very very light.. If you are going to make, it should be quick..
  • any homemade tiffin.. please avoid rice or meals..
  • if it is hotel or cafe, prefer chapathis or wheat dosa with raita.. 2 or 3 idlis for light meal..
  • a small bowl of curd rice with little side dish
  • grilled chicken or fish with very little rice
  • bowl of soup with bread toast
  • one large banana, if you don't have time at all
  • one glass of skimmed milk with no sugar, if you are already feeling full

If you are working late night, you need some healthy choice to pick. Here are a few mentions.
  • pop corn
  • green grapes
  • almonds and raisins
  • one apple
  • croutons
  • a handful of corn flakes
  • occasionally, a light tea or coffee

I have shown my single day diet here.. Three medium portioned meals and four snacks !!




I hope this post is useful to you for planning a healthy diet !! Stay healthy !!

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