50 Indian Style Paleo Recipes (Low Carb and High Fat)

I tried covering almost all type of Diets and their recipes. Nowadays, people refer to all kind of diets
and they follow whatever they like. At times finding Indian style recipes that fit to that particular diet
becomes difficult. So I thought of trying various diet styled recipes. One of the famous diets it Paleo Diet.

Indian style paleo diet is of LCHF type (low carb high fat). I am a follower of Arockiam Nalvazhvu group, which is a perfect guideline for tamil paleo recipes. As per the guidelines, I will post 50 different paleo recipes. They are referred in internet and personally tried by me. I have altered it as per my taste. It includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack. I have hand picked a few recipes and will post them in this blog.

For learning what is Indian Style Paleo Diet, you could check my posts on it. Indian Style Paleo Diet or LCHF Diet in Indian Style - IMPORTANT LINKS. You could also check this website for more Tamil Paleo Recipes - This is where I refer a few recipes and modify as per my taste.




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