How to Control Cravings | Top 7 Ways to Control Cravings

tips to control cravings

Cravings is the first and foremost enemy for weight loss. It is the only reason and hinderance in our weight loss journey. If you wish to lose weight faster, you must control cravings.

Until you figure out some way to control your craving, you cannot succeed in weight loss. I will write up some ways that have helped me to control my cravings and helped me to lose weight faster.

Before listing the possible ways to control cravings, let us see some of the reasons behind cravings. I collected these from various health websites.

reasons for cravings

Top 5 Reasons for Cravings

  1. Dehydration or Drinking Less Water – This makes us feel thirsty and dry. Finally, it will make us to grab a cup of juice with lots of sugar in it.
  2. Lack of Proper Nutrition – If you have some nutrition deficiency, your body will need more minerals in form of salts. Finally leading you eat something more in salt or sugar.
  3. Emotions – If you are more happy or more sad, it will definitely push you to grab something junk. If you are getting stressful often, that craving is undesirable.
  4. Addiction – If you are addicted to something, you will never miss if you get a chance to eat them. Like, you are a pizza lover and crossing a pizza hut. The addiction brings a craving and attracts you in late nights. Nothing else.
  5. Hormones – Based on ups and down in hormonal levels, which is completely normal, we will have some cravings.

For someone who is in normal weight and having no problems like PCOS or Diabetes, these cravings are not a big issue. But for the others who try to lose weight or having pcod and striggling to control it or diabetic or prediabetic, cravings must be controlled.

That is what we are going to see in the section below. How to control cravings. I have written this based on advices from my doctor, collections from internet and personal experience.

how to control cravings

Top 7 Ways to Control Cravings

  1. Drink Water – Hydrate yourself properly with 3 to 4 liters of water per day. Throw out your natural fruit juices or diet cokes. Only coconut water and herbal teas are alternatives for water. Nothing else.
  2. Get enough sleep – If you lack enough sleep, it jiggles the hormones and alters the eating cycle. Increases cravings. So have enough sleep.
  3. Control Stress – Stress eating is the thing that brought PCOS in me. Please, please control stress eating.
  4. Drink Herbal Teas – Drinking flavored herbal teas controls the bring signal for cravings. It works out well in me. Moreover, these kind of teas burns fat too. I have a variety of herbal tea recipes in my site, refer back.
  5. Have Enough Protein and Good Fats – Protein is a big keyword. If you have enough protein with enough good fats, they help you to control cravings naturally. If your diet is constantly with correct proteins and good fats, you will definitely get rid of cravings. Then what ? A successful weight loss. Enjoy.
  6. Try some healthy swaps – Try to find out some healthy swaps to control your cravings. A handful of peanuts, a handful of almonds, one small orange, one small raw guava are better options. Then and there you can have unbuttered popcorn prepared at home.
  7. Chew some mint leaves or fennel seeds – They suppress the cravings officially.

I hope the above said ways are practically possible for all of you. Next time, if you struggle with cravings, don’t worry. Read this post and follow any one of the tip.

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Have a happy weight loss !!

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