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indian diet chart for third trimester of pregnancy

This chart is based on the general diet advice given by my doctor, when I was pregnant. It will help you to visualize how your pregnancy diet should be designed. You should consider your likes, dislikes, your body weight, weight of the baby and allergies before designing your own diet chart.

The last 13 weeks during pregnancy are collectively called the 3rd Trimester. When this trimester begins, you will start enjoying your pregnancy, because of baby movements. It will be really a fun. Your baby will respond well to sounds, temperatures and your emotions. It is a very nice feeling.

In terms of food, you could be able to have almost everything with no restrictions. But there are limits. The cravings will be more. But you should limit it and maintain a healthy weight gain.

Some General  Health Tips for Third Trimester

  1. By this time, your glucose tests would have been done and you should alter your carb intake based on the results. 
  2. Also, if you find yourself with any iron deficiencies, you should take care of that. 
  3. Also you must be careful about cold juices and fruits. If it is Summer season, you could have juices and fruits with limits. But you ought to cut them, if it is winter or raining.
  4. You must stay hydrated throughout this trimester.
  5. You should consult with doctor and learn some prenatal yogas and exercises for normal delivery. Try to go for a walk in morning or evenings. It will help out. It will make the baby stay active. 
  6. Most of the people have heartburning sensation in the later weeks of 3rd trimester. So make the night dinner lighter.
  7. Include garlic and asafoetida in any form. This relieves from gastric problems and improves digestion.
  8. Apart from these, try to pack your hospital bags in the later weeks. We usually do it on an auspicious day. How to pack your hospital bag for delivery ? - Complete Checklist

indian diet chart for third trimester of pregnancy


Morning 6 to 7 am - Any one of the options below with 10 soaked almonds
  • A glass of milk with half sugar and health drink
  • Sathumaavu Milk
  • Kadunkapi
  • Sukku Coffee

Breakfast 8.30 to 9.30 - Try any one of the options below
  • a cup of wheat upma 
  • sathu maavu kanji
  • murungai ila kanji
  • 2 Eggs Spinach Omelette
  • 2 Chapathis with Side Dish
Note: You must have light food in night. So make your breakfast rich in protein and with something other than rice. Please avoid pooris and pongals.

Mid Morning 10.30 to 11
  • Tender Coconut or
  • Apple or
  • Murungai Ilai Soup
Note: You need to stop citrus fruits after 26 weeks. Try to avoid grapes. It may cause cold in the baby inside. You should also try to reduce the intake of bananas. If you like banana, try naattu vazhappazham or peyan pazham. But not much.

Lunch 12.30 to 1.30 - Include one from the list below
  • a cup of rice with any kuzhambu, a cup of vegetables in any form, a cup of keerai or 2 eggs, 2 tsp curd
  • a cup of rice with fish kuzhambu, grilled fish, rasam and keerai
  • 2 or 3 chapathis with vegetables in any form like dhal or kurma and 2 tsp cup curd
  • rarely Biryani or Chicken, Mutton Kuzhambu.
Note: No pickles or fried items. Neer Nellikai or Drunken Gooseberries can be taken. Don't take too much of  non-veg. it might increase constipation.

Afternoon Snack 3 to 4
  • half cup of any homemade snacks or a handful of nuts
Note: At this time, the cravings will be more. You will definitely need a crunchy snack. No restrictions. you can have any indian snack. But keep in mind that it should be homemade. Need to be more careful with the oil.

Evening Snacks 5 to 6 - Try any one of the below options with light decoctioned tea, coffee or health drink
  • healthy chaat items
  • small samba wheat dosa with karuppati
  • small ragi adai
  • 1 or 2 ulundhu vadai
Note: Please don't have too much coffee or tea. Not good during pregnancy. If you are working, try to have some healthy option from your office canteen. you can carry some cut apple or guava. Fiber biscuits will also help.

Night 8 to 9 - Include one from the list below
  • 3 idlis with non-coconut chutney, not spicy
  • 2 idiyappams with milk
  • some rasam rice with light thogayal
Note: It is not good to have more fruits at night. It is not good to have keerai in night. Keep this in mind. Also no oily, spicy items or heavy food. Heartburning will be more.

Late Night - It is completely optional
  • a cup of milk with health mix or
  • a cup of badam milk or
  • a small banana (nattu pazham)
Note: Mix water with milk and skim it. Don't use anything low fat. Also add half sugar. 
indian pregnancy diet chart

This is a south indian pregnancy diet chart. Indian diet chart for pregnant women are available with most of the doctors. It is a general diet chart. Check with your doctor during next appointment.

I hope this South Indian Pregnancy Diet Chart, which is a sample is useful for you. This Indian Pregnancy Diet Chart is a balanced diet chart for pregnant lady.

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