Weight Loss Tips for Working Moms

Working moms face the most difficulty in losing weight. With lack of sleep, lack of time and stress weight loss becomes a tough thing. Besides cooking, cleaning, taking care of baby and office works, we hardly think about weight loss. Only when the old salwar top becomes tight or when we stare ourselves in trail room mirrors, we think about our weight gain.

Tell me, how long can we take our time and schedules as a reason ?

weight loss tips for working moms

To stay healthy and fit, we need to lose the extra pound. We should encourage ourselves and equip ourselves with some simple ideas and tips to lose weight in a faster and healthier way. I am going to give you a few tips for losing weight as a busy working mom.

First and foremost, read this complete guide or tips for weight loss. It will be inspiring you.
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Meanwhile, you can refer some other Sample Diet Charts that would be helpful to you.
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If you are working mom and have used some efficient way to lose weight, share your tips with me..

If you want to see my video on this, click this link. This is my video which will explain the tips in detail.

Simple and Lazy Workouts for Working Moms

You must do some workout. That might be of any kind like Walking, Zumba or Aerobics. That exercise should be a good quick cardio and pump more blood to heart. Main thing is that it should not take more time. In my sample routine, I am just mentioning a few things I used to do.

weight loss tips for working moms

Diet Tips for Working Moms

There are some tips you must note done to manage both work and your health. It is more than enough to spare 30 minutes in weekends to follow a health weight loss diet the next complete week. Things to note down is just some tips.

how to lose weight with a busy schedule

Tip 1 : Water
Remember to drink 3 to 4 liters of water.

Tip 2 : Badam
Soak 10 Badams. Remove the skin and have it in mornings. It balances Nutrition.

Tip 3 : Herbal Teas
Cut the regular Tea or Coffee and start having Herbal Teas

Tip 4 : Breakfast
Breakfast should be so so quick. Like multigrain cereal with milk. It would take hardly 2 minutes to make it. Never ever skip a breakfast. It spoils the entire diet.

weight loss diet tips for working moms

Tip 5 : Morning Snack
Take a whole carrot, orange or apple with you to office. Munch it as a morning snack.

Tip 6 : Ideas for Lunch
  • Cook Quinoa in Sundays and refrigerate it. Monday and Tuesday Lunch - Quinoa with Sambar and Vegetables.
  • Cook Brown Rice in Tuesday and refrigerate it. Wednesday and Thursday Lunch - Quinoa with Puli Kuzhambu and Vegetables.
  • Cook Samai or Varagu as a lunch for entire family in Fridays.
weight loss diet tips for working moms

Tip 7 : Evening Snack
Take a fiber biscuit packet with you. 2 Fiber biscuits with Tea or Coffee will be the best evening Snack.

Tip 8 : Ideas for Dinner
  • Only Chapathis, if it a dinner in office. Or else Idlis.
  • Cook Whole Wheat Pastas in Sundays and refrigerate it. Monday and Tuesday Dinner - Pasta with Vegetables.
  • Cook Wheat Upma or Wheat Dosa for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
weight loss diet tips for working moms

Tip 9 : Weekends 
Regular Breakfast and Lunch that you cook for the family. For Dinner, have some soup with a slice of bread. That is enough. It is better to avoid restaurants

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