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Welcome to my Blog    Thanks for clicking this link to know about me in personal 

This is SABARI. I started this blog to share my weight loss experiences. Later, got more interest and started sharing diet style recipes, home remedies and health tips.

I was diagnosed with PCOD and after that food habits became a challenge. Still, I was successful in losing oodles of weight twice in my life, naturally. I had a hard time in my weight loss journey and still on a special diet to maintain my current weight. I am following a very healthy diet and exercise routine. As of now, I am managing a healthy body weight by God's Grace. I wanted to encourage those who wish to lose weight and that is the main goal behind this blog 

The recipes I post in my website will be really helpful for those who search for a special kind of food for

  • PCOD
  • Diabetics
  • Pre Diabetics
  • Post-Pregnancy Care and
  • Weight Loss Journey

I have also documented some

  • Health Tips and Food Stories
  • Home Remedies
  • Sample Diet Plans
  • Post-pregnancy and Child Care, I learnt from my MOM

Mostly, my recipes will be from Indian Cuisine. But then and there I will share some other kind of recipes too. I myself manage this blog and take pictures of what I cook and upload in this website. I am just a baby in food photography  But aspiring to take more impressive pictures. Hope it will happen in future. 

More About Me.. ( personal stories, blah, blah, blah....)

This is SABARI. Tirunelveli is my native. But I have spent most of my life time around Nagercoil and a typical Village Town, Vallioor. Completed schooling there and moved to Madurai for college, then again moved to Chennai for joining IBM. Enjoyed the cool spinster life with hostel inmates for two years.

After marriage, we got settled in Chennai and spent a couple of years there. My family is very nuclear with my husband and kiddo (Reshmi) with rarely visiting parents and in-laws. I left my job so that I could take care of my girl. It is at that time I reduced my weight and became fit. I thought of sharing it with the world and started this Indian Diet Recipes. It was initially "Weight Loss Tycoon".

Sametime, we moved to United States. Got a chance to get lot of good friends. Most of the times, a travel like this bring us a wide and vast knowledge. I cherish it.

Now, I started doing my Software Job again. But still taking my own time to update this blog on a weekly basis. It makes me feel relaxed and doing something that satisfies my eyes, ears and taste buds. 

Me and Reshmi

Other than these, I spend most of my time with Reshmi. Me and Reshmi are more than MOM and Daughter. She is like my friend. We both make a Tom and Jerry kind of pair. We play, fight and cuddle each other. 

Some of the naughty moments 

Rarely, she is a "Samathu Kutty" 


I will show you my small kitchen. I call my kitchen as "SMALL WONDER". Because it is a 10*8 feets kitchen with limited cabinets and space. After reading a lot of tips from "Good Housekeeping", I have organized it and stuffed in all the things I needed. 

Grocery Stocking, Vessel Racks, Oven and Grinder Space .. Too much within a 1*3 feet space.

Cooking area with handy spice rack, mixie, spoons and main "vyanjanam"

Cute spice rack

My OTG, Bajaj

All the things are arranged in the way they can be used handy. Also I bought a few kitchen gadgets to make these small cabinets fully used. One big advantage in a small kitchen is that "Cleaning is Easy". Luckily, my kitchen has a balcony and large window for ventilation.

Once again, thanks for visiting my website.. Do comment and visit often.. 


authorHi. This is Sabari. I am the author of this blog. You can check out my weight loss story and more about me here.
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