Pathiya Samayal Recipes #4 | Manathakkali Pathiya Kuzhambu

I should thank my mom for this recipe .. She usually makes this fortnightly.. When we were kids, we used to hate this one .. The bitter taste of manathakkali vatral terrified us .. Later, we understood the health benefits.. Especially to our stomach which got upset by hostel food, this one is the Savior .. Also frying this manathakkali makes it crispy and crush-able.. This reduces the bitterness to some extent.. 

During my weight loss journey, I had this Manathakkali Pathiya Kuzhambu often.. It cures stomach ulcer and tightens muscles.. That is the reason why I still have it in my weight loss diet.. It is a medicine for ulcer and gastric trouble.. In Nagercoil, it is given to women after delivery.. It is believed to relieve post-pregnancy pain.. If pathiya kuzhambu powder is prepared in advance, this kuzhambu can be done in a jiffy :) This favors weight loss too.. So if you are in a weight loss diet, add this Manathakkali Pathiya Kuzhambu in your diet..

Manathakkali Pathiya Kuzhambu
Recipe Source : Traditional post-Pregnancy Recipe, Nagercoil
Preparation Time10 minutes
Cooking Time20 minutes
Servings2 (1 cup each)
Calories100 per serving 

Garlic Cloves20 in number
Manathakkali Vatral a handful
Pathiya Kuzhambu Podi 2 Table Spoon 
Grated Coconut 2 Table Spoon
Tamarind Paste a gooseberry size, soaked in water
Gingelly Oil 2 table spoon

Quick Procedure
1) Take a broad bottomed pan and roast grated coconut
2) Take the grated coconut, pathiya kuzhambu powder and tamarind paste in a mixer jar
3) Add some water to this and grind it to a smooth paste
4) In another pan, add 2 table spoons of gingelly oil
5) Add Manathakkali Vatral, saute for 5 minutes and remove it to a bowl
6) In the same pan add garlic cloves and saute till they become golden brown
7) Now add the prepared paste
8) Add the required amount of salt and water

Step-wise Pictures

Take the required ingredients.. Dry roast the grated coconut 

 Take it in a mixer jar .. Add pathiya kuzhambu powder 

Add tamarind paste and water.. Grind to a smooth paste

Add gingelly oil to a heated pan.. Add manathakkali vatral and roast  till it gets fried 

 Collect it separately in  a bowl.. Add garlic cloves to the same pan

 Roast garlic till it becomes golden brown.. Now add the ground paste

Add little water.. Add a few salt

 Let it boil for 5 minutes .. Now add manathakkali vatral

Stir once in 3 minutes to make sure nothing gets burnt..Cooked covered till oil the vathal becomes soft..

Now, Manathakkali Vatral Pathiya Kuzhambu is ready 

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