A few months back, I promised to write a series.. "Healthy food practises around the WORLD"..

Then, I completely forgot about it. Nowadays, I get ample amount of time to spend in LIBRARY.. I'm reading some interesting books to enrich my content.. Thank God !! For time and books !!

We are gonna walk through some healthy food practises around the world.. Just tidbits of interesting facts.. Don't worry,, I won't load you with my blah blah blahs.. Crack a CRISP !!

The first country you guys are gonna visit along with me is "ITALY", the OLIVE NATION.....

What strikes, thinking of ITALY and its FOOD ?

Pizzas, Pastas, Cheese, Cheese Cakes, Olive Oil .. Whatever it is.. I am damn sure you guyz might have a thought that the people in Italy must be plumpy.. Yeah, of course.. You may think so.. Can someone be slim and fit eating the pizzas and pastas ? Those are meant for the weight gain and obesity right ?


Of Course.. CHEESY..

The hard truth is.. IT IS NOT SO.. Trust me.. I'm sure..

As per most of the health reports, Italians are the most healthy persons.. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.. Yep.. They have longer years to live.. And they are SLIM and FIT.. With a gooooood HEART health..

Uhhhhhhhhh.. How come these guys maintain super good curves and fitness ? That owes to their routines and food practises.. C'mon let's have a look at that..

SECRET 1 - Eat in a calm, ambient and enjoyable place.. Enjoying lunch or dinners in parks, under tree benches, sit outs or roof gardens have been their favorite.. Eating in groups, chit chatting and laughing together is what they love to do.. And that tooooo HOMEMADE Food.. BANGGGGGGGGGGGG.. We never do that uhhhhhhhhhh.. This practise makes puts an end card to STRESS EATING..

See.. How charming is the restaurant sit outs in ITALY !!

SECRET 2 - Eat smaller portions in repetitions.. Eat as slow as you can.. Eat until you stop yourself, when feeling full.. This makes you feel full with limited quantity of food..

Look at the portion size in this table.. Quiet less served in plates !!

SECRET 3 - Eat one and only fresh food.. No tinned or canned items.. Make everything fresh and eat.. No additives, No preservatives..

All freshly made.. From sauces to sandwiches !! Nothing frozen and then defrost !!

SECRET 4 - Eat a lighter breakfast. Eat a lighter dinner. Make your lunch a fully satisfying one. Their breakfast is simply coffee, mostly without milk along with biscottis. And dinner is some meat with vegetables. Carbs is completely cut off in nights. Makes sense.

A typical Italian Breakfast.. So light..

Lunch.. Full, full.. I'm full..

And Dinner.. Light but with more lean protein..

SECRET 5 - The food in Italy is not just pizzas and pastas. It is their occasional food too. They include more whole wheat pastas, fish, red meat, vegetables and fruits. They select the low fat and light sauces as far as possible. They have low fat and less sweet gelatos instead of fat rich ice creams. The fact is that we don't mind to note it..

FISH with italian seasoning.. HERBS and Olives..

Gelato and Sorbets.. Less in Sugar and Fat..

SECRET 6 - Using extra virgin olive oil.. But not liters and liters.. Include it in right quantity and get good fats.. That has been their topmost health statement..

measured quantity of extra virgin olive oil

SECRET 7 - The ITALIAN HERBS.. In Italy they have more herbs.. They are quite peculiar and locals.. Known for their health benefits, they are almost used in every part of the world now. Among them Parsley, Oregano, Rosemary and Basil are more common.. These herbs improve immunity, bone health and heart health..You might have heard of and tasted pesto sauce pastas.. Pesto is made with these herbs..

Some of the herbs and Pesto made out of them..

SECRET 8 - Red Wine.. Really, it's not my cup of tea. But this post stays incomplete, if I fail to mention this. Red Wine has more and more anti-oxidants and make them more young and fit. It's just an ounce.. OKAY..

please don't overdo

And finally,, they enjoy physical workouts and exercises much !! Games, swimming, fishing, etc,..


Hi Guys, Happy to meet you after a long break !! I'll try to blog more in the days nearby.. Let this one be a nice start.

So I am back with a perfect post that I would gift myself on my 30th birthday !! Yep, I am not 29 running completed and 30 running.. Though I never feel that I have grown this much older, my body feels much. Yeah,, there are typically a few things every lady should take care more about,,,, ON or AFTER 30.. The first and foremost thing is FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD..

C'mon gals.. Let us see about a few things we should keep an eye..

1. Use Measuring Cups and Spoons

It's now time to get rid of those eye and hand measures.. It's not gonna work out anymore.. If you fail to measure what you eat, might be sugar, might be carbs or might be helpless fats, definitely your body weight will shoot up. So I would better suggest to use MEASURING CUPS AND SPOONS

2. Reduce your current servings of WHITE RICE

Baby, your metabolism is never gonna be same as before.. No other go than putting down your sweet cravings and rice cravings. Better try to include only 7 to 10 servings of rice. That too,,, a single cup of cooked rice.

3. Hydrate yourself

No other GOOOOOOOOOOOO. You might be busy, might be travelling, might be working hard, might be careless.. If you fail to hydrate yourself, your skin will definitely show up turning dry and hence the age.. Drink 3 to 4 liters of water a day. And,,,,,, use a bottle.. Don't roughly measure..

4. Try to include more Gooseberries

Just for Iron and Antioxidants to stay young forever.. Avvaiyare sollirukkanga :)

5. Include more GOOD FATS

Olive oil, nuts, fish oil and avocados will form a  powerhouse with more good fats. This would help to improve metabolism, eyesight, control hair fall and maintain skin health. This is one key to stay young..

6. Include more LEAN PROTEIN

Proteins will help to build muscles. Inturn it shoots up metabolism. This would help you to control body weight.. Full of HEALTH.. No worries..

7. Include more GREENS

I mean spinach and fibers. It is rich in iron, folate and fiber. If you wish to maintain a thick and lustrous hair forever, you should definitely include all sorts of greens.

Let's meet with another post sharing some other thoughts on this same topic...... Turning 30 - HEALTH, a main topic of interest


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