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What is Zumba Dance ?

Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements with a musical background. You could read more about the zumba dance and its history from wiki. LINK TO WIKI. It is interesting.

How is it useful in weight loss ?

It is a cardio workout. It burns 500 calories in an hour class, average. It relieves us from stress and thereby helps to overcome stress eating.

What are the other benefits ?

  • It is good for heart and we all know that.
  • It improves coordination and mental health. It refreshes brain.
  • Many people feel relaxed after zumba workout. The music and dance might be the reason behind it.
  • This dance and music gives some sort of happiness and this relieves us from stress.
  • We develop a routine, while going to the class. It is like spending a few minutes for us. People who get bored of exercises feel good with this zumba dance.
  • Mostly we do this dance in groups. We develop friends. We become social. We get a way of relaxation. It increases the positive energy in us and make ourselves active throughout the day.
  • As it relieves ourselves from stress, we get a good sleep at nights. That is really the best benefit, I would say.

Zumba Dance Classes

In most of the towns, there are certified professionals conducting Zumba dance classes. You might check with your friends and find the class nearby. It is really good to go to the classes. Going to classes is the best way, I say. It develops a lot of positive thoughts and positive energy.

How can you perform this dance from home ?

  • If and only if you don't have time, money or a class nearby, you can do this workout at home. You will be able to get all the health benefits by going to classes only.
  • You should dress appropriately. You should wear tracks and a good pair of shoes. That is the proper way. 
  • Strict yourself to a regular time. If you are convenient at 11.00 am, do the workout at 11.00 am everyday.  Perform the workout for minimum 30 minutes and 3-4 days in a week. 
  • Better gather a few friends and do this happy workout with their company. It will be joyful. But remember not to spend most of the time in talking and chatting.
  • Make use of some videos in youtube. You could download the videos and store it in you laptop. Also store some audio music files in your phones. First learn the dance steps from video and then practise. After a week of time, you will be able to do it just listening to the music. The next two weeks, you will develop yourself to practise without videos. At this stage, you should check for the next video and start the new session.

Some useful videos - Zumba Workouts for Weight Loss (added a few new videos too )







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