My Weight Lose Journey !!! ( Part 3 ) – Inspiration

In this post, I am sharing my weight loss journey with you. You might get inspired with my story and will start getting an ideas on how to lose weight.

What is questioning me a for a long time is … FROM WHERE I GET THIS MUCH HUNGER ????????

During summer, a glass of cane juice or a tender coconut is fine for quenching thirst of people…. During travel, people opt for a mosambi or a packet of chips….

What I do is horrible………  I will take 1 liter of cane juice at a time. I won’t be satisfied if i do not drink 2 tender coconuts at a stretch…….

During a travel of 4 hours, I had the strength of finishing off 2 kilos of mosambi or 5 packets of lays….

Babre….. What people sitting near me would have thought about me ???????? But in the matter of FOOD, I don’t care anyone…

My Inspiration to lose weight 

But there was a wonderful girl who made me to think for first time….

It was my third year of college. The college had a fire-spread of Satty’s weight loss… Who is Satty ???
Satty is my bubbly bubbly, chubby chubby friend…  It is better to cut the (is) at this time…. She was bubbly bubbly and chubby chubby once… And what happened to her now ????

She has become a size ZERO 🙂 Yup… Satty cut off oodles of weight… When she entered the third year class,,,, she got too many “VOW”s for her weight loss.  Her charming face glowed much after the weight loss.

weight loss tips

Satty you are GR8!!!!!!

One amazing thing about weight-watchers is they always share their weight-losing tips/ secret 🙂

Satty is of course, of that kind and really she cared much in my weight.. She gave a few tips.. I’ll leave those for you..

1) only diet or only exercise will never work.. we have to combine both

weight loss tips


weight loss tips

2) calorie consciousness is must

weight loss tips

3) a well balanced diet is needed and there should not be starving

4) getting up earlier is very good

5) Suryanamaskar and Kapabhatti can reduce weight considerably

She showed a few girls in our college who lost weight and encouraged me to reduce weight. She gave me a diet chart, which seemed very tough for me. I tried a bit… But something was lagging in me .. I did never lose 🙁

Then  what is next ??

Did I start following Satty’s Advice ??

To be frank, the answer is YES before 5.00 pm and NO after that 🙁

I would take oats as morning breakfast.. would manage with a restricted lunch full of veggies and little rice.. but after 5.00 pm ,, the actual story starts ..

I would request my beautiful set of friends to accompany me to canteen.. They will probably have a cup of coffee or single dosa (dinner over there itself)  .. But myself  !!!!!! Pathetic…

1) Dessert(optional)         — Gulab Jamuns or Ice Creams
2) Main Course                — Masala Dosa or Pooris
3) Sides(optional)            — Samosa or Vadai
4) Coffee/ Juice

Good menu for tiffin buffets right ??

This story continued.. Now most of you would have started thinking about your diet and weight loss stories. Yup, evening time is the most toughest giant to fight with. Almost all of us struggle to manage the cravings in evenings. Once we find an effective way to overcome the food cravings in evening, we will succeed in weight loss journey. I hate every evening of my weight loss days..

Back to my story.. There came the final year and we all had good fun.. At last I end up my college life with 76Kgs..

But the spark lit by Satty was glowing in my mind.. Sabari.. YOU CAN DO IT..

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Indian Weight Loss Journey
In this post, I am sharing my weight loss journey with you. You might get inspired with my story and will start getting an ideas on how to lose weight.
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