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Questions on Diet

1. What is a Diet ?
Diet is the type of food habit a particular community or group of people follow. Nowadays the word "Diet" simply synonyms "Weight Loss". But it is not so.

A diet is a particular course or system of food, which we restrict ourselves to achieve something. This "something" may be a
  • weight loss, 
  • managing weight, 
  • building muscles, 
  • managing diabetes, 
  • following a healthy pregnancy, 
  • a healthy post-pregnancy, 
  • increasing mother's milk 
  • and the list continues.

2. What are the healthy measures we can take in our kitchen to follow a healthy diet ?
  • Reduce the amount of oil. Use a teaspoon or tablespoon to measure, instead of pouring from bottles or
  • cans. Restrict amount of oil to maximum of 4 teaspoons per adult per day.
  • Include more colourful and fiber rich vegetables.
  • Reduce dairy products.
  • Include more soups and salads.
  • Avoid maida and white sugar.
  • Include palm sugar.
  • Include more garlic and other spices that favor weight loss.

3. What type of recipes does this blog have ?
This blog has stepwise recipes of Indian Food, cooked in a healthy way as much as possible. All these recipes will be healthy, with less oil or fat and with a clear explanation of the health benefits.

This blog also has some regional and traditional recipes, to improve health.

You may include the recipes in your weight loss diet, type 2 diabetic diet or any type of healthy diet.

4. Is eliminating white rice from our diet needed for weight loss ?
Not exactly. Both a cup of white rice and 3 medium size chapathis have same amount of calories. Rice is 90% carbs with negligible fiber. Chapathis are 80% carbs with least fiber only.

But anyone who wish to lose weight needs more and more fiber and protein to withstand the hunger. Rice cannot control hunger for a long time. Chapathis could manage a bit but not much.

That is why most of the dietitians advice to have millets or brown rice.

If you have tried a lot to lose weight and nothing is working out, you can skip white rice. It does'nt mean that you should take only chapathis. You can include chapathi, millets like samai, brown rice and other millets.

Questions on Weight Loss

1. Is losing weight naturally possible ?
A strong "YES" for this question. Proper food diet, Cardio Exercises, Simple Yogas and lifestyle changes will definitely help you to reduce weight.

2. Is it possible to maintain the lost weight ? People say that it is tough..
Weight loss is the result of a sequence of lifestyle changes and dietary changes. If you are not ready to follow those changes after your success, it will result in a weight gain.

 If you continue your good and healthy habits combined with proper diet and exercise, you will be able to maintain the lost weight.

3. Which is more important for weight loss, diet or exercise ?
My answer will be "Lifestyle Changes".
  • Getting early in morning, 
  • having a proper night sleep, 
  •  healthy food intake 
  • and proper exercises 

will help to lose weight. 

Following a 1200 calorie diet skipping sweets and junk foods along with 30 minutes of cardio exercises daily will result in definitely help.

4. How long will it take to lose weight ?
That depends on the nature of your body. But remember one thing. Weight loss is gradual process. You will definitely take some time to reduce your weight.

People have even took a whole year. But perseverance and determination will pay off.

Questions on my Blog

1. From where do you get the information for sample diet charts and health tips ?
The diet charts are simply the samples given by my dietitian. Health tips are based on doctor's advice. Dr. Krishna Surendran, Nagercoil is my family doctor and she is my inspiration to lose weight.

She herself has lost oodles of weight and takes time to advise her patients. When I was obese, she only gave a lot of tips to lose weight. She has been a continuous support by answering all my questions and pesterings.

Revathi, RD is(was) my dietitian. She is also very nice and patient. She insists more on regional and seasonal way of diet. She has been a great support for me during the initial days of weight loss with PCOD. Nowadays, I am not in contact with her, but still keeping her instructions in mind.

2. How do you calculate calorie values ? Are they accurate ?
I use calorie calculator based on the ingredients used. if you are using correct quantities of ingredients as mentioned in recipe, the calorie values are 80% accurate.

3. What is the measuring size mentioned in this blog ?
Mentioned in this blog is standard measuring size. Standard cups and spoons.

4. Does all the recipes fall under low calorie or low carbs ?
Not like that.We have diabetic friendly recipes, gluten free recipes and other traditional recipes for healthy indian diet.

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