Paleo Diet - What is it in GENERAL ?

In this post, I am just going to give an outline of Paleo Diet. It is just an outline. I will give further link for those who are really more interested to follow the diet. There are multiple versions of paleo diet followed all over the world. They have different versions, depending on the origin. In my next post, I will outline the famous Indian version of paleo diet - LCHF. LCHF is becoming very popular nowadays. I will give link for the groups, which discuss more on LCHF. C'mon let us see what is PALEO in general.

PALEO refers to the diet style followed by new stone age men. There are some groups existing int he society, who design, practise and follow PALEO diet. This is not developed by doctors or dietitians. But nowadays many doctors and dietitians have started advising this diet to their patients. Some doctors are redirecting the patients to some paleo groups to get more details. These groups never collect money or charge any fees for suggesting the diet. So if somebody comes to you in the name of paleo and ask for charge, never fall into it.

If you are from Indian Origin, you need to follow LCHF type of diet. I have explained about the diet in this section. READ MY POST ABOUT LCHF PALEO DIET.

For others I will give a list of websites that would help you to read a lot about PALEO DIET, PALEO RECIPES and USES of PALEO DIET


What to eat ? SOURCE of Info

In different countries, they have different list of foods to follow in the diet. But I am giving a general outline. 
  • All fruits, berries and vegetables
  • Omega 3 eggs
  • Nuts
  • Organic meats
  • Fish or any Seafood
  • Plant extracted Oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, coconut)
  • Milk, curd and cheese fall under the topic of discussion and LCHF diet includes the list. There are a few other versions that does not include milk, curd and cheese.
  • More water

What not to eat ? SOURCE of Info

  • Cultivated grains and cereals
  • Starch or Potatoes ( except the cheat days)
  • Dals and Peas
  • Milk
  • White Sugar
  • More Salt
  • Refined Oils

What is the science behind paleo diet ? SOURCE of Info

  • Taking more HDL will decrease cholesterol
  • Acid Base balance is needed for losing weight
  • Need more control over glycemic index and carbohydrates
  • It manages blood sugar levels
  • Lean protein helps in weight loss

What are the benefits of Paleo Diet ? SOURCE of Info

  • It makes us feel energetic
  • It clears skin problems
  • It manages cholesterol levels
  • It manages blood sugar
  • It manages blood pressure
  • It helps to overcome fatty liver problem
  • It helps to overcome PCOD
  • It helps to achieve weight loss
  • It improves sleep patterns
uses of paleo diet

Where can I get recipes and diet charts of paleo diet (western style) ?

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