Weight Loss Diet Plan for Hostel Girls in Indian Style | Diet Chart

I tried to lose weight for the first time, when I was in hostel. There are many challenges to lose weight being hosteller. Hot water, chapathis and healthy vegetable curries are hard to get. It will be difficult to preserve fruits or vegetables.

weight loss diet plan for hostel girls

Still, there are a few tips to follow a weight loss diet, being hosteler. This diet chart will be useful to hostel girls. This diet chart will be in Indian style. These tips where given to me by my Doctor.

Shopping List
  • Buy corn flakes, quick oats, almonds and fiber biscuits in advance
  • Buy any fruit like apples, oranges, carrots or guava half kilos at a time. It will come for 3 days. For 3 days, you can store without fridge.
  • Buy wheat bread, if they prepare chapathi very rare in your hostel
  • Get some gingelly oil, kollu podi or karuveppilai podi from home

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Hostel Girls in Indian Style

Early Morning
  • Green Tea

Breakfast Include any one from the following option
  • Quick Oats Porridge with milk available
  • Corn Flakes with milk available
  • 2 Idlis or Dosas from hostel. No other tiffins.

Mid-Day Snack
  • some cut fruits

  • rice or variety rice available in hostel with kollu podi and vegetable side dish
  • 2 slices of Brown bread with vegetable side dish availabel in hostels, in case of strict diet

Evening Snack
  • Coffee or Tea with Badam
  • Coffee or Tea with Biscuits

Dinner Include any one from the following option
  • if the tiffin is chapathis or dosa, have it in hostel (count 2)
  • Brown bread with side dish available for that night
  • One large papaya or banana

Note: Go for walking or gym along with hostel mates. Play some outdoor games. When you are eating out in restaurants, be cautious and have only tikkas, rotis, dhal and soups.

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diet plan for weight loss hostel

diet plan for weight loss hostel

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