Restaurants with Healthy Options - Review - Chennai Ramapuram Suprabaa

Suprabaa is one of the restaurants I used to go very often.. Very very often is the right description.. Mostly the hostel food will be horrible and there is no other go except searching for restaurants.. When I was on diet, it became tough for me to go to restaurant.. As you all already know, most of the restaurants offered food with more and more oil.. Even if we order very simple items, they gave with lots and lots of oil.. This made myself to be restricted with very few restaurants.. One among them is Suprabaa..

Suprabaa is in Ramapuram Main Road of Chennai, near Arasamaram.. I have also seen a franchise near Valasaravakkam.. But have never been to it.. So what I am going to talk about is "Ramapuram Suprabaa".. If have stayed around Ramapuram, you would have get a chance to visit this small restaurant.. If not, please visit once.. It is a vegetarian restaurant..

I can assure you nearly 20 variety of Chaat Items and Sandwiches with very less Oil.. The variety of Chaats and Sandwiches is also more.. The Juices and Shakes you get there is really really a wide variety.. The Combo shakes and Cocktail juices are wonderful..

Their own speciality is "Hibiscus in Honey".. It is really an awesome gift.. Never imagine the taste will be bad because of Hibiscus.. They are making it delicious.. They really do a good job in the area of Juices and Shakes..

So the next time you go through Ramapuram Main Road, visit the restaurant and have their own speciality Chaats, Sandwiches and Juices.. You will definitely go there once again.. Other that these, rest of the items will be of good taste.. But I cannot assure you a oil less or free item :)

Cost: Nearly Rs:250 for two

Hygiene: 3.5/5

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