Step 23 - How to Lose Weight | Diet Challenges of PCODers

It is very common question.. Is PCOD weight loss as easy as a normal weight loss ?? The answer is a bit harsh, "NO".. PCOD weight loss is comparatively tougher..

The Insulin tolerance level is different for those who have PCOD, thereby resulting in more fat around abdomen.. I can sense your feeling now.. Abdomen fat is the one what every woman worries about right.. Also the interest for sweets and carbs will become more during sometime making yourself uncontrollable.. So the weight loss plan for PCOD is quite tricky..

We have to eat something sweet, but not Carbohydrate or Fat.. We should have food often, but not with more calories.. We have to take Carbs, but with only low and medium Glycemic Index.. We should include Protein in our daily diet, but not Poultry.. Hope you are in line with me in understanding this..

What are all the Diet Changes Needed ??

  • 1200 - 1400 Calorie Diet
  • Reduced Dairy Product Usage
  • Reduced Oil and Fat
  • More Vegetables 
  • More Soups
  • No High Index Carbohydrates
  • No Poultry
Let us see one by one in detail..

1200 - 1600 Calorie Diet

Not all the people who have PCOD are overweight.. So we have two point here.. If you are overweight, then follow a 1200 Calorie Diet.. If you are at your correct weight, just strict to 1400 - 1600 Calorie Diet.. The Calorie break up is 10% for Fat, 30% for Protein and 60% for Carbs..

Reduced Dairy Product Usage

I am not pretty clear of the reason how PCOD is associated with Dairy products.. But have seen 2 of my Doctors advising me to reduce Dairy intake.. A1 Casein or Lactose Intolerance or Hormones might be the reason.. The clinical research is still in progress.. But the report clearly state that in someway or other PCOD is related with Dairy.. It will be good if there is a reduced intake of Milk, Cheese, Curd and other Milk Products.. For Coffee lovers and Milk Shake lovers, 100 ml of Whole Milk Skimmed with 200 ml of water is advisable.. Almond milk is another choice.. Never go for low fat milk or Soy Milk..

Reduced Oil and Reduced Fat

If you ask me which is the toughest question, I would answer " It is the question about Oils and Fats".. Some people say Oil X is good and some others Oil Y.. Though most of the people agree that Olive Oil is good, the flavor or cost is not favorable for everyone.. Same for Coconut Oil, Ghee, Butter and Gingelly Oil.. For frying items, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil and Vegetable Oil are in the question forum.. Finally, I decided not to use more Oil at all.. For your reference, I will show you my Oil usage history..

Coconut Oil for Vegetable Poriyal
½ Teaspoon per day
Sunflower Oil for Seasonings
1 Teaspoon per day
Gingelly Oil for Dosas
1 Tablespoon per day
Canola Oil for Frying
½ cup per week
Olive Oil
½ Tablespoon per week
Ghee/ Butter
1 Teaspoon per week

More Vegetables

I already told you that your stomach will long for more food.. There will be a satiety in your stomach only if you fill it with something at regular intervals.. So it is always better to snack more on Vegetables.. Eat fruits only if you feel of eating something sweet.. Fruits also have Sugars which PCOD is not more comfortable with.. So restrict with only one fruit a day.. Have more and more vegetables..

More Soups

Soups will keep you filled, but burns more calories.. So have Soups for mid-evening or mid-morning snacking.. Try a variety of Soups from this blog..

No High Index Carbohydrates

Restrict yourself and avoid high index carbohydrates.. A number of items come under High Index Carbs.. It ranges from Pineapples to White Bread.. I will separately post on High Index Carbs.. Try to avoid these or reduce these in your Diet..

No Poultry

Most of you might not be comfortable with this opinion.. But the growth hormone injected to Poultry is one of the reason behind PCOD.. So it is always better to avoid Poultry.. Even if it is Organic Eggs or Chicken, control the portion size..

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