10 Day Detox Diet Plan for Weight Loss by Dr. Hyman - An Overview

I am going to a library often and I have started reading more and more books on diet recipes. I am damn sure that not every one like same style of recipe. Somebody likes spicy like food, some prefer Chinese, some love continental and some home-style. This made me to dig into more and more diet recipes. Also I am trying to learn more point on losing weight. The library has a lot and lot of book in my topic of interest. One such book I went through is this 10 Day Detox Diet. It is written by Dr. Mark Hyman. I cannot tell you everything about the plan in a single post. So in this post, I am just going to concentrate in giving an overview. 

Discussion on Myths

It starts with a discussion on some weight loss myths. I was little amazed to see the discussion on myths. Even myself have believed some of them. I will highlight a few.
Myth#1 - You can be healthy, even if you are overweight - this is really a myth
Myth#2 - Small changes will make lose weight - But a number of small small changes will help out.
Myth#3 - Don't lose weight too fast - Right.. Slower weight loss will demotivate, mostly. But one thing is true. You should not drop more than 5 pounds, a week at any cost.

What will this detox diet result in ?

This 10 days diet will result in 8 lb weight loss or 3.4% of body weight

Out with Bad Things

This diet asks us to avoid the following things
All Grains
Beans and Legumes
Processed Foods
Processed Oils
Over exposure to electronic gadgets, as they interrupt our sleep 

In with good things

They ask us to make sure we practise the following things
proper sleep
detox bath and
calm mind

Is there any supplement ?

Yes, they constantly talk about PGX Fiber and ask us to take it before our breakfast, lunch and dinner. This makes three doses. I do not know more than this. But for those who struggle a lot because of overweight, it will be better to learn what it is and then think of it. But what I think is we can go ahead without this fiber. But relax the rule and include whole grains and beans. They are just proteins and fiber. Instead of something artificial, we can go for natural things. This is my personal opinion.

What are the changes to happen in the 10 days ?

Day 1 - Satisfy
Day 2 - Detox
Day 3 - Empty
Day 4 - Motivate
Day 5 - Listen
Day 6 - Think
Day 7 - Nurture
Day 8 - Design
Day 9 - Notice
Day 10 - Connect

This topic will continue to discuss on "Recipes and Weight Loss Menu"

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