Step 17 - How to Lose Weight | Measuring your own Food

We have already crossed through various posts on dietary substitutions, portion control, including proteins and calorie consciousness.. The next thing we need to note is measuring food.. Measuring our own food is really a key point.. I have seen some of my friends kidding me as I count calories.. When I was a spinster, I had time to care me.. I just think about myself and it was so easy to count calories and all.. Once I got married and got a kid, I completely forgot counting calories.. It happens.. When I need to look after my husband, kid and myself, it became difficult to reckon each and everything..  There came the difficulty in counting calories..

When I charted a weight loss plan for me, my favorite doctor gave me a suggestion.. She asked me to measure by hand and eyes.. Yep, nothing can measure better than our eyes and hand.. Our eyes can tell us whether we have more on plate or less.. Our hand can count the servings.. It is very simple.. If you use a ladle, just remember you need to take single serving of rice, single serving of dal and 2 servings of vegetables.. If it is grilled fish, take 5 or 6 pieces.. If it is fried, restrict to 3 or 4.. As usual, we are going to skip other fried items.. She asked me to do like this.. If you ask me, if it worked out well.. It did not.. Because I have no control over food.. I felt difficult..

After sometime, I formulated an idea.. It is nothing special.. I used some bowls and cups in my home.. I had my own quantity for food items.. On a diet day, I would follow the same measurement..  I kept it standard..

  • One small bowl for rice, 
  • one medium bowl for dhal, 
  • 2 small bowls for vegetables, 
  • two chapatis, 
  • 3 fried pieces of fish/chicken, 
  • 5 grilled fish pieces, 
  • one egg white, 
  • 2 millet dosas, 
  • 2 tablespoons of chutney
  • One small cup of coffee
  • 8 ounce juice glass

Likewise, I made a chart for myself.. I strictly followed this kind of measures.. Even now I am doing the same.. I wont follow any such rules if I eat outside.. But will manage the next three days with an oil free and fat free diet schedule.. Luckily I had a lot of standard bowls, cups and plates at my home.. If you have such things in your home, it will be really helpful.. Otherwise, spare some bucks and buy a few.. It will be helpful.. Also I am much impressed with attractive chambered lunch boxes.. If you are office goers, cheer up yourself with such kind of lunch boxes.. It will make you enjoy your diet lunch..

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