What to eat - Day 7 of GM Diet

What to eat ?
Breakfast - Mixed Vegetable Smoothie

Mid-Morning - Fruit Salad

Lunch - for non-vegetarians, Grilled Fish or Grilled Chicken Breast

for vegetarians, brown rice with tomato stew

Evening - Wonder Soup

Dinner - Subway Style Vegetable Salad with light dressing of Sweet Onion Sauce
Will it be difficult ?
Should I answer this question guyz ? This day will be your favorite day. You are ending this diet and you will be more and more light this day. At the same time, please note two things. Give a gap of two weeks before continuing the next GM Diet. Also don't eat more the next day itself and gain all the lost weight.

What will be the result ?
Nearly 7 to 9 pounds of weight loss. Tucked tummy. Loose dresses. Glowing skin. What do you need more than this ? But remember that half of the weight lost is just water weight. If you do not continue to be in a proper weight loss diet plan or maintenance diet plan, this weight will be regained. Same time if you continue to be in a weight loss diet, the metabolism will burn more fat than usual. This will favor a good weight loss.

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