PCOD/PCOS and Weight Loss Success Story of Arthi (Names Changed)

"Do you have PCOD and finding it difficult to manage in this busy lifestyle ??"


The 6'O clock early morning call and its stupid conversation disturbed Arthi very much.. It was her cousin sister from UK calling her and asking about her health. They were talking some nonsense about things about PCOS.. This made Arthi completely upset..

She rushed to the hall and sat in the sofa.. She started weeping.. Again the phone started ringing.. The call was from her husband. She picked the call, he told that he will come soon after the product launch, which made him to stay at office last night..

Here is something about Arthi.. Arthi and Ajay are caring couple.. Arthi got married three years before and she was staying with her in-laws till 6 months back.. Arthi is a caring girl and her in-laws liked her very much..

Her mother-in-law being a perfectionist and a lover for serving a variety of food, expected Arthi also to be so.. Though there were only four members comprising her mother-in-law, father -in-laws, husband and herself, the work was a bit more.. This is because of an elaborated menu for cooking.. In addition to these, she traveled more than 40 minutes a day to her workplace..

Entering kitchen after 40 minutes of travel and 10 minutes of walking was like a hell to Arthi.. Her schedule got tightly packed and she started running like a machine.. She became a stress eater.. Her MIL being a lover of serving food, gave more and more food to Arthi.. And this combination resulted in a bulky weight gain.. 

Days passed.. In fact, years passed.. Everyone started asking about the "Good News".. Arthi will silently cry under the pillow, whenever someone asks about a Kid.. Her in-laws never uttered a single word hurting her.. They just went ahead and prayed God to give a grand child..

After their second anniversary, Arthi asked Ajay to take her to hospital.. Both of them discussed and were searching for a good doctor.. Nowadays reaching a good doctor is the great challenge in case of infertility.. They reached a hospital.. After all the tests, the discussion with doctor started.. 

The doctor's face appeared serious, when she looked through the scan results.. Her face itself made the couple worry.. Both of them got much tensed.. The doctor started asking a few questions..

"Arthi, are you working ?"

"Yes, Doctor"

"Is your office very far away from home ?"

"Yes.. But travelling might not be a great problem.. Most of my friends who travel more than my distance have got successful pregnancies.."

"Hmm.. Thats right.. But everyone doesn't have a same body nature.. I think it is better if you answer all my questions.. I am just trying to find the reasons behind.. Don't come to a conclusion with my questions itself"

"I'm sorry.."

"Its OK.. Do you have enough sleep ? Do you take enough rest ? I mean.. Are your out of stress ? "

"No.. I don't have a good sleep.. I would go to bed after 11 and will get up at 5 itself.. And most of the times, I feel eye irritation.."

"What is your food habit ? Do you have enough vegetables ? Do you eat at restaurant often ?"

"I never go to restaurants.. I don't like more vegetables.. But somehow, I will have enough.."

"OK.. Actually you have PCOD.. I am trying to find the reason behind it.. You are 10 Kgs overweight and I suggest you a weight loss.. I guess it will be better if you drop down weight and do some yoga.. Stress and lack of sleep seems to be the reason for your weight gain.. So try to reduce your travel.. Or at least take rest after your travel.. If you continue to be in stress, you will not be able to reduce your weight at all.. Also I am going to suggest you one tablet.. But keep in mind, without stress and weight reduction nothing is gonna work"

"Do you say I will not get a baby ?" , Arthi started crying.. 

"I never said so.. I just asked you to follow a few instructions and drop weight.. After that you will definitely have a baby.. Also I have suggested you a thyroid test.. Meet me after the results come.. "

"Thank You, Doctor.."

The couple returned back to home.. Parents were eagerly waiting.. Arthi started crying and her MIL consoled her.. Ajay told them the doctor's advice.. All the four agreed for a place change.. They wished to make Arthi more convenient to work and take rest..

Her MIL found it difficult to send them off.. But she managed somehow.. She did not expect Arthi to come over to their house.. Instead she visited Arthi during weekends.. She tried to make Arthi relaxed in all possible ways.. 

Both Arthi and her husband joined a Gym and they went there regularly in evenings.. Her husband did not push her to take the complete responsibility of reducing weight.. He encouraged her at gym and appreciated her weight loss..

Both of them searched for healthy foods that are good for weight loss and Ajay accompanied her in cooking.. Her in-laws visited their home in weekends and she enjoyed the chats with her MIL.. She assured her MIL that she will come to their home permanently once a child is born .. Her MIL left it in hands of time.. 

Arthi collected a number of tips from friends, peers, website and doctors.. She made her journey nice with a number of lifestyle changes.. She was very keen to drop her weight.. Her sleeping hours became 9 .. And her diet became a healthy and limited one.. She avoided Chicken and more Milk..

There was no stress to catch electric train on time.. Also her gym visits, helped her to lose nearly 5 Kgs in two months.. There was a saturation in weight after that and  there came her thyroid test results.. She again went to meet the Doctor.. The Doctor herself appreciated Arthi for her efforts..

And with this reduction of weight, she was asked to discontinue tablets for PCOD and given a small tablet for Thyroid.. Ajay boosted her that everything will be alright in a few days.. 

After two months, Arthi went back to the Doctor.. There was a scan again and the percentage of PCOD was very very less.. The doctor asked her to leave all the tablets and use gym only for a 20 minute of walking.. Ajay and Arthi were asked to continue their healthy food habits and just walk at medium speed.. They were told that soon they will get their first baby.. Both of them became much and more happy.. They started waiting for the happy news.. 

Thats all about their past story.. Let us see the present now.. Arthi who got upset by her relative's question is now sitting in the sofa.. She have missed her periods date and it is 10 days passed.. She needs to check for pregnancy today..

She was waiting for this morning and forgot that because of this call.. She reaches her rest room.. She is now thinking too many things in her mind.. She recalls all the mornings those cheated her with a negative pregnancy test.. She is opening the test strip and her hands are shivering.. It is an absorption kit and very sensitive..

A drop on the well,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it starts travelling through the strip... First a pink line forms, that is the C (control) Line.. She closes her eyes and open.. Here forms the second pink line at T (test) Line.. Tears full in her eyes.... YES,, She is pregnant.. She is pregnant with a little baby in her tummy.. Her hands trembled.. She touches her tummy gently.. She cries in joy..

She calls her husband, mom and MIL to share her happiness.. Her mom rushes to temple.. Her MIL packs her thing to visit and take care of her Arthi and future kid.. Her husband is still reading the message she sent.. " A LITTLE BABY IS COMING TO OUR HOME.. I AM PREGNANT".. Happiness everywhere..

Note: This is a true story and the real Arthi is now a mom of two girls :) 


  1. Very touching story and beautifully written. Nowadays girls are very much stressed out.

  2. Thank you so much.. Encourage your friend too to go through this blog.. If it inspire anybody I will be too happy :)

  3. Thankyou the situation is same with me. I am motivated now. Will start exercise first and try to reduce my weight. Then eat healthy will take this challenge for a 6months. I am 10kg overweight. If I get pergant definately put it here my joy

    1. Sure.. You will do it soon.. Thanks for reading..


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