Step 7 - How to Lose Weight | Drinking Enough Water

In the last 6 posts, we went through the initial steps to start a weight loss journey.. Mostly we concentrated how to set out mind psychologically.. After fixing the goals, we can start learning the tricks and science behind weight loss.. The first step is drinking enough water.. Water is needed for a proper metabolism.. Water acts as a catalyst for metabolism.. If you do not drink enough water, you metabolism will automatically slow down.. There are a lot of problems caused because of insufficient water intake.. It includes dry skin, no proper food assimilation, constipation, hair loss and so on.. So your healthy lifestyle starts with drinking enough water.. It refreshes our body cell and keeps us active..

Drinking water in empty stomach.. Is it needed ?
Yes.. Drinking water in empty stomach has various benefits.. It reduces the acidity in our stomach and makes an excellent digestive process.. It refreshes the cells.. It improves metabolism.. It has  a lot more health benefits too.. Drinking one glass (8 ounces) of water in empty stomach is the lifestyle change you should make for losing weight.. You cannot start drinking complete 8 ounce all of a sudden.. It will create a nauseating sensation.. So it is better to start with half glass (4 ounce) and then increase one ounce per day till you reach one glass (8 ounce).. You have to continue this till your weight loss journey.. Also it will be better if you make it a habit throughout your healthy life.. Yep.. I followed this during my weight loss journey and now it has become my habit.. I start everyday with a glass of water.. 

Watch this video in Importance of Water in Losing Weight

Rest of the day, What is the correct quantity of water to drink ?
Water intake depends on our age, gender, height, weight and climatic conditions.. We cannot derive a formula considering these.. But scientists have calculated  a few formulas.. I will list those formulas below.. You chose your own formula and strictly follow it..

Daily Fluid Requirement in ounces = 0.5 ounces x Body Weight in Pounds

Eg. if your weight is 140 lbs, you must drink 0.5*140 = 70 ounces of water = nearly 9 glasses of water per day

Daily Fluid Requirement in ounces = 0.034 ounces x Daily Caloric Intake

Eg. if your calorie intake is 1400 , you must drink 0.034*1400 = 48 ounces of water = nearly 6 glasses of water per day

Chart based on body weight
In this link a chart is mentioned with water intake needed for body weight.. Refer this chart and find the amount needed for your weight..

You can use any of these formulas to calculate the amount of water needed for your body.. If you have abnormalities in Kidneys or Diabetes, it is better to consult a doctor or dietitian before take a word from this blog post..

How to break the water intake ?
We have already seen how much water to drink.. We cannot drink too much of water at a stretch right ? Have you ever seen a charcoal stove burning ? Will you add all oil at a stretch ? Never.. If you do so, it will burn and put off soon.. Likewise drinking all water at a time is never going to help.. You have to drink water little by little so that it add up the fuel to your body and keeps your metabolism high.. I am showing my chart below.. I am 5 feet 6 inches and my weight is 145 lbs.. I am supposed to drink 70 ounces of water per day.. I drink nearly 64 ounces.. I have the following split up.. I won't suggest you to follow the same.. But this break up will give an idea how you should maintain a break up.. Till evening 6.00 pm I will have more water and after that I will reduce it.. This is nearly 3.5 liters of water.. As there are a few other posts on not to drink too much of water, I will never take water if I am not thirsty or hungry..

Early Morning Empty Stomach10 ounces
30 minutes before breakfast6 ounces
30 minutes after breakfast6 ounces
Middle of Breakfast and Lunch6 ounces
30 minutes before lunch6 ounces
30 minutes after lunch6 ounces
Nearly 3'o clock6 ounces
30 Before work out at 6.00 pm6 ounces
Before Dinner6 ounces
After Dinner4 ounces
Before going to bed4 ounces

How to measure the water intake ?
I maintain a 1 liter water bottle to make sure that I drink enough water per day.. I found it tough to follow for few months and after that it became a habit.. Nowadays I am on not on any weight loss mode, but it has become a habit to drink enough water per day.. If you are not interested to buy a water bottle, you can use a glass available in your home.. Just you need to know how much ounce the glass holds.. As counting in glass is a bit difficult, we use 1 litter bottles..

Can I drink water in any other forms like Juices or Herbal Teas ?
My opinion is Juices does not come under plain water.. They can be considered as sides.. But herbal teas come under the category of water.. If it like mildly flavored water without sugar or any additional agents..

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