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No one is an expert in everything.. I have quiet many diet recipes in my hand.. Still mind searches for new recipes to try and taste.. In the burning desire for interesting diet foods, I came across Priya's blog.. I do not know much about Priya, other than she is a food blogger.. I don't have any touch with her personally.. Also I was not a continuous visitor to her blog until she started this new section #100dietrecipes..

Around December mid, I looked into her blog where she posted a recipe of Bhansi Rava Cake.. I have sweet tooth and I constantly search for diet dessert recipes.. And of course, Bhansi Rava Cake looked appetizing.. I made and had it.. It was really good.. I expected a lot more interesting recipes from her.. After that I kept an eye on her blog continuously.. 

Each and every day, she made it more and more interesting.. Her effort is really appreciable.. She never bored us with repeating ingredients.. She continued using a wide variety of ingredients.. She used brown rice, foxtail millet, little millet, corn, ragi, bhansi rava, wheat flour, wheat bread and also oats.. I did not try all her recipes at home.. But tried nearly 10 recipes.. Mostly those looked quick to prepare.. I really appreciate her for her efforts.. I would like to try a few others too.. 

As of now, I wish to give links of a few recipes, which I made, found very tasty and bookmarked..

Corn and Millet Vada - It was really crispy.. Tasty and no much difference from fried vadas.. I also made Vada Kuzhambu in my style.. It tasted amazing.. This is definitely a weight watcher's recipe..

Spicy Egg Rice with Brown Rice -  The image looked good and that is the reason why I tried this one.. Also I am a lover of Chinese food.. As I am continuously on a weight maintenance diet, I dropped eating any such recipes.. This brown rice idea was good and I tried it at home.. It was really good.. 

Zucchini and Red Poha Cutlet - I did not have Zucchini in my home.. But out of curiosity, I tried this recipe.. I made this with Bottle gourd instead of Zucchini.. I must appreciate Priya for her innovative idea.. And I tasted amazing.. I like it more than regular potato cutlet.. 

Horsegram Kuzhambu - I had a box full of horse-gram and was looking for some different recipes.. I looked for something other than podi and masiyal.. This recipe gained my attention and I made this.. It was really a nice side dish to have along with baked appalam/papad..

Peas Bajra Roti - This roti is really good in taste.. It was so quick to prepare this roti.. Like 10 to 15 minutes.. I added this one a quick recipe to note..

The webpage link is Priya's Menu #100dietrecipes.. If you are a keen weight watcher, diabetic or a starter in weight loss journey, visit this page once.. It will be really helpful..

And finally,, I appreciate Priya for her efforts in sharing the recipes.. Good job,, Priya.. Your posts will be really useful for those who are bored of having regular breads and oats.. Your continuous updates of the post and perseverance in producing the recipes must be noted..

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