Tofu and Paneer | What is better for Weight Loss ?

This post might be silly for those who already have a clear idea on what a tofu is.. I am very very new to Tofu and I know nothing other than it looks like Paneer.. Many times I have just confused paneer with tofu.. Here in most of the shops they have tofus next to paneer.. When I looked deeply into the tofu packets, it looked very soft and brittle.. It looked like it will break just for a small pinch.. Because of this reason, I did not buy it for a long time.. Though I did not buy it I assumed myself that it will taste like paneer.. This is my raw knowledge about tofu..

Recently, I have developed a nice habit in me.. That is visiting libraries.. I have started reading a lot of books regarding healthy eating.. It happened to read a lot of cook books.. Most of the cook books those emphasize healthy eating talks about Tofu.. A word Vegan came along with Tofu.. But what is Vegan-ism ? I questioned myself..I know Vegetarianism..  Is Vegan-ism another name of vegetarianism ? Or something else.. I got the answer and it was easy to understand.. Vegan-ism excludes not only meats and eggs.. It excludes derived products from animals and dairy products.. Vegans not only follow a strict Vegan diet.. They also exclude derived animal products like soaps, leather etc.. It is a strict vegetarianism.. TOUGH Man !!!

Now I started digging more about tofu.. Because I am now very clear that Tofu is not same as Paneer.. Tofu is something different and made from different source.. What is that ? Nothing difficult.. I got the answer from WIKI.. Soy milk is used instead of regular cow milk to curdle and pressed to make Tofus.. Great, they achieved Vegan-ism.. But how is this going to help a weight watcher ? We need to look into the calorie values..

  • One cup of Tofu is having 176 calories out of which 80 calories from Protein and 94 from fat.. Also it had 10 grams of dietary fiber..
  • One cup of home made paneer has 351 calories our of which 270 is fat and 70 is protein..
  • I really felt good after seeing this.. Yep, Tofu is a better protein supplement with moderate fat.. At that instance, I thought I should replace the paneer in my dishes with tofu.. 
  • Do you guess it will work out ? Do you guess the taste of tofu is same as paneer ? Unfortunately, NO is the answer.. The taste texture everything is different..  It is better if I chart it down than explaining.. 

Comparing Tofu with Paneer in Weight Watchers point of view

What is my final opinion ? Do I ask you to change from paneer to tofu ? My suggestion is that you could replace paneer with Tofu, if you are not allergic to soy protein.. You can have Tofu, once in a week.. It is a good supplement of protein and fiber.. If you allergic to soy protein, then go for paneer.. But not often.. Have it once or twice in a month.. 

The key point is choosing a good recipe that matches for tofu.. I am a new-bee to Tofu and now only learning how to use tofu.. I will soon update my blog with tasty tofu recipes form my kitchen..

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